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Working for the Zooniverse means working with an interesting group of people on some of the most interesting projects around, while knowing your work will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and will contribute to the progress of knowledge. It’s a good way to spend your time.

The Zooniverse is a collaboration between institutions from the UK and USA; all of our team are employed by one or the other of these partner institutions. This page will be updated to provide up to date summaries of Zooniverse-related jobs. For more information, follow the instructions in each job description or get in touch with the named contact.

We hope to hear from you soon.


The Zooniverse team at the University of Oxford helps lead the development of the new Zooniverse platform, as well as supporting projects covering everything from Penguins to Particle Physics, all the way up to disaster relief. We're embedded in the sub-dept of astrophysics, so also spend time thinking about how to discover planets and find weird objects in the sky. We encourage flexible working, including working remotely for part of each week.


The Zooniverse team within the Adler Planetarium's Science Engagement Division is a dynamic mix of web developers, designer, researchers, communication specialist, and project leads designing and building the core Zooniverse infrastructure as well as custom features, supporting researchers in using the Zooniverse tools, building partnerships, and communicating with the public. The team nurtures an inclusive culture and supportive work-life balance, a flexible work schedule, and a hybrid (remote and in-person) work environment.


The University of Minnesota Zooniverse Team is involved in the development of many Zooniverse projects as well as efforts to combine human and machine classifiers. Several science team members from many disciplines are at UMN including Galaxy Zoo, Measuring the ANZACs, Radio Galaxy Zoo and Snapshot Safari. We are open to flexible work arrangements.


Our work involves collaboration with a vast array of partners from across the world. When they have jobs that involve working with the Zooniverse, we'll post them here.