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Working for the Zooniverse means working with an interesting group of people on some of the most interesting projects around, while knowing your work will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and will contribute to the progress of knowledge. It’s a good way to spend your time.

The Zooniverse is a collaboration between institutions from the UK and USA; all of our team are employed by one or the other of these partner institutions. This page will be updated to provide up to date summaries of Zooniverse-related jobs. For more information, follow the instructions in each job description or get in touch with the named contact.

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The Zooniverse team at the University of Oxford are leading the development of the new Zooniverse platform, as well as projects covering everything from Penguins to Particle Physics, all the way up to disaster relief. We encourage flexible working, including working remotely for part of each week.


The Adler Planetarium's Citizen Science team includes a dynamic mix of web developers, data scientists, researchers and educators who are responsible for everything from building Zooniverse projects and developing governance tools for volunteers, to running Hack Days and teen programs. We can offer flexible hours and the opportunity to try new things, whether that be getting involved with outreach or playing with cutting edge technology.


The University of Minnesota Zooniverse Team is involved in the development of many Zooniverse projects as well as efforts to combine human and machine classifiers. Several science team members from many disciplines are at UMN including Galaxy Zoo, Measuring the ANZACs, Radio Galaxy Zoo and Snapshot Safari. We are open to flexible work arrangements.

Web and Software Developer

The Zooniverse team within University of Minnesota’s School of Physics & Astronomy is seeking a developer to build web applications for the platform.

Zooniverse is the world-leading platform for the distributed analysis of scientific data through citizen science. We enable over 2.5 million registered volunteers around the world to participate in over 100 real research projects across the disciplines (from astronomy to zoology), in partnership with universities and research institutes worldwide. As a Zooniverse developer, you’ll work with our team of 20 talented and friendly developers, designer, and researchers, including members of our Zooniverse teams at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago and the University of Oxford, UK.

The successful candidate will be expected to lead the development of several crowdsourcing projects on the current Zooniverse platform with a focus on efforts related to astronomy, earth and space-sciences, and medical imaging. Based in UMN’s School of Physics & Astronomy, you would be expected to collaborate closely with several research teams in astrophysics, heliophysics and cell biology as well as off-site developers in Chicago and Oxford University, UK. You would also be expected to work with students to supervise any related projects. As the overall lead developer for UMN’s Zooniverse projects, you would be expected to have demonstrated experience developing single page web applications using Javascript, HTML and CSS, and using modern frameworks like React, Angular, etc. You would also be expected to contribute to overall Zooniverse service functions such as fulfilling customer service requests through a ticketing system, general codebase maintenance and documentation. The post is full-time for one year with the expectation for extension to a additional years based on job performance and availability of funds. The salary offered will depend on qualifications and experience. A benefits package and a budget for travel will be provided.


Required: Applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or a related field that requires a high level of software development. Equivalently, the applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any non-related field with at least two years of work experience in software development for web-based products.

Other requirements:

  • Have experience and are passionate about building interesting and purposeful web apps.
  • Have experience contributing to a variety of software-development tasks and projects.
  • Have experience with UI development using a Javascript framework (any).
  • Have experience with Git and GitHub (or an equivalent version control system).
  • Have experience writing and maintaining automated test suites for code bases.
  • Have experience generating and updating documentation for codebases

The developer must have excellent analytical skills, proven ability to manage multiple projects concurrently, excellent organizational, communication and leadership skills, and demonstrated self-motivation and creativity. While based in Minneapolis, the successful applicant will be expected to spend extended periods of time (~1 week every several times a year included in travel budget) at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago with the core Zooniverse development team. Travel to work with the Oxford, UK development team is also included.


  • Have experience with data analysis, querying, visualization, and data engineering particularly with video processing.
  • Have experience with Python and/or Ruby.
  • Have experience with React.
  • Have experience with JSON APIs.
  • Have experience with SVG.
  • Want to be an active participant in Zooniverse strategic planning, including tech choices.
  • Interested in being in an inclusive environment; we strongly value the diversity of our team.
  • Have experience with implementing accessible (WCAG, ARIA) web applications.

Job Responsibilities

80% Sophisticated software development and data science research related tasks:

  • Develop high performance web applications used by over 2.5 million people worldwide using state of the art front-end and back-end technologies like JavaScript, React, and Ruby on Rails that scale up within a cloud environment to serve the traffic through our mobile and web products;
  • Be an effective collaborator with other members of the Zooniverse development team as we work together to carry out each project’s lifecycle, from initial determination of scope and deliverables to translation into GitHub issues to iterative implementation and revision to final delivery to project retrospective.
  • Write effective unit tests and integration tests, and other documentation to ensure high quality software delivery; evaluate and follow through issues and problems until resolved or escalated.
  • Consult with UMN data science and machine learning team members to guide team towards effective project implementation in line with Zooniverse tech stack.

10% Maintenance and support:

  • Provide ongoing maintenance of applications, systems, or websites.
  • Contribute to support of general service tasks including assigning and tracking issues and responses for the technology stack team as well as support of research teams or volunteers.

10% Professional, Project and Team Development

  • Attend conferences or virtual workshops for professional development; and represent the team with workshop presentations and seminars both within the University and at national or international conferences;
  • Meet with project partners to discuss development and functionality needs for their citizen science projects;
  • Provide training and technical guidance to less experienced team members.

Other duties of a similar scope as assigned.

Information to apply:

Job Title:

IT Pro 2-Web Dev/Design - Web and Software Developer for Zooniverse Crowdsourcing Platform, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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Our work involves collaboration with a vast array of partners from across the world. When they have jobs that involve working with the Zooniverse, we'll post them here.