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Working for the Zooniverse means working with an interesting group of people on some of the most interesting projects around, while knowing your work will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and will contribute to the progress of knowledge. It’s a good way to spend your time.

The Zooniverse is a collaboration between institutions from the UK and USA; all of our team are employed by one or the other of these partner institutions. This page will be updated to provide up to date summaries of Zooniverse-related jobs. For more information, follow the instructions in each job description or get in touch with the named contact.

We hope to hear from you soon.


The Zooniverse team at the University of Oxford are leading the development of the new Zooniverse platform, as well as projects covering everything from Penguins to Particle Physics, all the way up to disaster relief. We encourage flexible working, including working remotely for part of each week.

Web Developer - Paid 3 month Internship

The Zooniverse is the world's largest and most popular platform for people-powered research, and the team is excited to offer a web developer work experience opportunity via a paid 3 month internship (UK living wage).

This is a remote-first position and is open to anyone based in (and has the right to work in) the UK. While the position is remote, we will require the candidate to visit the office in Oxford at least twice to meet the team and have some tea.

What you can expect:

  • You'll be working with our team of front end & back end developers to build features and make improvements for our platform. Our code's open source, so if you're curious about what we do, you can take a look at
  • You'll learn not only from developers, but also from researchers from a variety of scientific disciplines.
  • The format of the internship will vary based on the candidate's experience, with time allocated for self-directed learning and tea breaks. (Coffee is also acceptable.)

What we expect:

  • We're looking for somebody who's curious to learn, keen to take initiative, and isn’t afraid to try and build things.
  • We care about what we build online and how it affects people in the real world, and we want you to feel the same.
  • You should be comfortable asking questions even if they seem simple and obvious, such as "why was this designed this way?", "how does this work?", or "do we share lots of pet photos on chat?" (Yes, obviously.)

The only "skill" you really need to apply is a genuine interest to learn and grow. The following skills are "nice to haves", but if you don't possess them, expect to learn with the support of the team:

  • Any experience with web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) or programming in general.
  • An understanding of how the Internet works: the HTTP protocol, web sockets, etc.
  • Any experience with collaborative software development systems, e.g. GitHub.
  • Any experience with UI design or crafting User Experiences (UX).
  • We're also interested in any other experience or skill you think might be relevant to this opportunity.

The internship will run over the summer of 2022, with exact dates to be negotiated. If you would like to apply for this position, please email an up-to-date copy of your CV and a letter of interest to


The Adler Planetarium's Citizen Science team includes a dynamic mix of web developers, data scientists, researchers and educators who are responsible for everything from building Zooniverse projects and developing governance tools for volunteers, to running Hack Days and teen programs. We can offer flexible hours and the opportunity to try new things, whether that be getting involved with outreach or playing with cutting edge technology.


The University of Minnesota Zooniverse Team is involved in the development of many Zooniverse projects as well as efforts to combine human and machine classifiers. Several science team members from many disciplines are at UMN including Galaxy Zoo, Measuring the ANZACs, Radio Galaxy Zoo and Snapshot Safari. We are open to flexible work arrangements.


Our work involves collaboration with a vast array of partners from across the world. When they have jobs that involve working with the Zooniverse, we'll post them here.